Hands On India is a not-for-profit, secular charity organisation that was born out of the dream to help children achieve their optimal potential through education, health care and empowering the community.




  • Runs annual volunteer trips; taking teams of 30 chiropractors for 2 weeks to provide ‘hands on’ musculo-skeletal care for those working in hard labour; breaking riverbed rocks and on tea plantations
  • Funds 7 schools (over 700 children) to provide quality education for children who were previously amongst 1in 4 children working in child labour
  • Funds 3200 women in Women’s Empowerment Groups; helping women gain economic independence to further their family, and community’s education and standard of living
  • Works to enhance the health and well-being of local communities in Siliguri, India
  • Partners with local, community-based, Indian NGO’s who demonstrate cultural and social sensitivity and work with community and government structures when administering their NGO support strategies

Help Us By:

  • Donating funds- 100% of money raised goes to the communities in Siliguri
  • Volunteering to attend our next Hands On India trip
  • Assisting us with fundraising events
  • Becoming a member or sponsor today

Hands On India officially formed in 2016 following several years of university student organised trips which began in 2005. Initially, Chiropractor, Dr Brett Dellar and a group of Murdoch University students visited Siliguri, a remote community in the far North East of India to volunteer chiropractic and basic medical care. The student trip was such a success the program formally evolved into the Hands On India organisation as it stands today.