Hands On India is a not-for-profit organisation that was born out of the dream to help children reach a potential beyond their birth station through education, health care and empowering the community.
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  • Runs annual volunteer trips, taking teams of 30 chiropractors for 2 weeks to provide ‘hands on’ musculo-skeletal care for those working in hard labour breaking riverbed rocks and on tea plantations
  • Funds 7 schools (700 children) to provide quality education for children who were previously amongst 1in 4 children working in child labour
  • Funds 2000 in Women’s Empowerment Groups helping women gain economic independence to allow their children to attend school, improve family health and have support in their community
  • Works to enhance the health and well-being of local communities in Siliguri, India

Help Us By:

  • Donating funds- 100% of money raised goes to the communities in Siliguri
  • Volunteering to attend our next Hands On India trip
  • Assisting us with fundraising events
  • Becoming a sponsor today


Hands on India began in 2005 when chiropractor Dr Brett Dellar and a group of Murdoch University students visited Siliguri, a remote community in the far North East of India to volunteer chiropractic and basic medical care. The trip was such a success, groups have been returning annually to the community.

Here it is - your chance to join Noel Patterson and his team on Hands on India 2018! ... See MoreSee Less

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Amazing footage a herd of elephants moving through tea plantations in Siliguri region. (the quality improves so watch to the end) ... See MoreSee Less

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After a busy day spent in our assessment clinics, today we ran our worming program successfully at 3 of our sponsored Rock Breaking Schools 😁 ... See MoreSee Less

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This afternoon we had a fantastic meeting with the Women's Empowerment Groups that Hands On India supports. Over 25 different groups were represented at the meeting by over 50 amazing women from the rural regions of Siliguri. The purpose of these groups is to encourage community growth and women's empowerment through education and connections to available resources.
After a beautiful welcoming song, dance and tea we were briefed on their progress since our last trip. This included economic initiatives (hiring out tables/chairs/cutlery etc for community events), agricultural initiatives (trading goats and pigs) and safety initiatives (high powered torches for Elephant deterrence at night) 🐘
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