Q. Does Hands On India have religious or cultural biases?

A. Hands on India is non denominational, provides no religious teachings and respects and cares for people of all religions


Q. Does the money raised/donated go towards helping the Chiropractors pay their way to India?

A. No. All Chiropractors and volunteers pay for their own flights, accommodation, food and all other personal expenses


Q. Does all the money raised go directly to India and the people it is meant for?

A. Yes. All the money raised goes directly to the nominated projects in India. All the board and its members pay for their own costs and overheads. The only money that is not used in India is that which is used for nominal costs such as postage, bank fees etc., which is a very small percentage


Q. What does all the money raised get used for?

A. The money has help build and maintain schools in slum areas around Siliguri. It also funds the schools, the teachers and necessary equipment. This equates to 700 children being provided an education they would not otherwise get

It also goes to women empowerment groups which encompasses 3200 women within the area. This program teaches them new skills and small business opportunities that will allow them to earn more money for their family and community without having to pick tea leaves or break rocks for a living


Q. Who decides where the money goes?

A. The HOI board members decide on how the money is distributed and how much is distributed to the areas discussed in Q3


Q. How does the money get distributed once it is in India? Who manages the money?

A. We have been working with a catholic organisation called Seva Kendra since HOI inception. Each year they provide us with a financial report of how, how much and where the money has been distributed as per our authorisation


Q. Is HOI a registered Charity under the Australia Tax Office?

A. Yes, we are a registered charity with DGR status.


Q. How can I help and keep informed about what’s going on in India?

A. You can become a HOI member. This is $100 a year and you will receive a certificate to thank you that you can place in your office. You will also receive 3 updates throughout the year about the trip, the ongoing programs and the changes you are helping to make to people’s lives. To become a click on the appropriate link on the web page or email us at hands_on_india@outlook.com


Q. What does HOI do with my personal information?

A. Nothing. It is held on our database but it will never sold or passed onto any other entities. We will remove your details should you request this be done