My name is Brett Dellar and I will be assisting Noel Patterson in leading our team to India. This is my 4th trip and Noel’s 6th (and last), so I am very excited to be able share this with him. In a little over 6 months we will be on a plane to begin our amazing adventure. We have a record number (36) in our team. Not only will this be great for the communities that we visit and increase the service we provide, it may also enable additional funds for some other very worthwhile causes in the region.

As you would suspect we have an amazingly diverse range of Chiropractors on this trip. From new grads to the very, very, very experienced (Noel & Warren). If you don’t know Noel, he has been a leader in Chiropractic not only in Australia but also on a world stage when he was the president of FICS. We have University Lecturers, board members of the CAA, sports Chiropractors, a Chiropractor with a Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma, another one who lectures at hospitals and to midwives regarding birthing and pregnancy. And it’s great to see a few returning to India again.

Obviously we will have a diverse range of backgrounds, experience and techniques. I can’t wait to spend time with each and every one of you and embrace this amazing experience (and draw out some great pearls of wisdom from you) and come away not only a better Chiropractor, but a better person…which this trip does every time.

Don’t forget that there is a quiz night in Perth coming up and also the HOI Ball (again in Perth) on November 11. If you are in WA get along and arrange a table or 2. We have had Chiro’s travel from over east in the past, so you are more than welcome to join us if you want, we’d love to see you. If you can donate a prize or item for our silent or live auction it would be appreciated. If you know a travel agent, the boss of an airline, holiday resort, jeweller etc who would be open to donating a big prize, it will go a long way to raising some substantial funds.

We have also been sponsored by Rocktape. We have 5cm x 5m rolls with the HOI logo on it. If you purchase the Rocktape from us the money goes directly to HOI. It costs $22.50 per roll plus postage. You can then sell them to your patients for the same cost and reimburse yourself the money. These can only be purchased in lots of 6 (but 12 or 24 etc is easier for packaging). Please contact me at if you wish to purchase it with your address and credit card details and I will get it out to you asap.

I can’t wait to meet you all and sharing this amazing experience with you.

Brett Dellar


2018 Team Chiropractors

2018 Clinic Assistants

Noel Patterson – WA Marilyn Patterson – WA
Brett Dellar – WA Vonda Pater – WA
Warren Genders – WA Kim Dellar – WA
Jed Shepherd – WA
Andrew Smith – WA
Xanthe Hand – WA
Kaitlyn Dayman – WA
Selam Berhanu – WA
Sara Craggs – WA
Jacquelyn McCaskie – WA
Teagan Ingham – WA
Emily Arnett – WA
Hayley Surgeson – WA
Anne Chang – WA
Rebecca Bonwick – WA
Gracie Atkins – WA
Martin Harris – QLD
Vanessa Carroll – QLD
Scott Bevz – QLD
Winnie Wong – ACT
Lindi Vanzwan – ACT
Lorne Clarke – NSW
Cheyenne Lay – NSW
Sebastian Cook – NSW
Lily Kukulka – NSW
Rebecca Parker – NSW
Katherine Macrae – NSW
Pamela Bourke – NSW
Shar Moody – NSW
Katelyn McGregor – VIC
Tim Leering – NZ
Casie Omeara – NZ